Extreem Van De Bresser

Sire Lys de Darmen is a Selle Francais and has shown himself as a mainstay for the B.W.P. He has sired 11 approved sons. Among them: Karacondo, Gondovan de Landelijke Rijnhoeve, Oberon, Marne de Darmen, Moriaan de Darmen… 9 daughters and 7 granddaughters are elite-mares.

He also has an excellent inheritance in the jumping-sport. Not less than 170 descendants run internationally 1.40 m and more. Some names: Iller, Jolly Fleur de Lys, Kalifa, Jura, Oberon {10th G.P. of Aachen}, Lampino (selected for the W.B. final}, Nicos van de Landelijke Rijnhoeve (G.P. Okalla winner under Ian Millar}.

Also 90 descendants of Lys’ de Darmen’s daughters compete internationally 1.40 m or more. For all these merits Lys has received the high appreciation by Ambassador B.W.P.

Extreem is a registered stallion, competing 1.20.
His attitude and temperament are fabulous and his technique over a fence is class.

His stock are absolutely stunning with excellent paces, looking forward to riding them.

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